Our Visit with the Kim Family (John’s Mom’s Family)

John’s uncle drove to Munmak, where John’s mom grew up and John lived while his dad was scouting out America. On the way, we stopped at a Korean rest stop. They are nothing like the vending machine and restroom rest stops that we have in America. The Korean rest stops have gas stations, a cafeteria, many other food vendors, a few shopping vendors, a playground, batting cages, plus vending machines and restrooms.
We saw where John lived in Munmak and hiked up a small mountain to the graves of John’s maternal grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents. They brought red wine to pour on John’s grandfather’s grave and sprite to pour on John’s grandmother’s grave because she did not drink.

Next, we travelled to Chuncheon to visit the rest of John’s mom’s family. We ate dinner at one of John’s uncle’s restaurants and John’s family gave me a beautiful jade necklace and matching earrings that were made in town. We also got to visit the Sonyang Dam, the second largest in South Korea. Around the dam are several food vendors and John stopped to try some pondegi (boiled silkworm larvae). Gross!! He loved it, but I was not feeling very adventurous and did not taste it.