Our Visit with the Yi Family (John’s Dad’s Family)

After a 3 hour train ride and a 1 hour taxi ride, we finally arrived in Gochang. It’s a small farming town where John’s dad grew up. We met some of John’s paternal aunts and uncles for a traditional Korean lunch. We sat on the floor indian style and, of course, took off our shows when we entered the room.

After eating, we visited the graves of John’s paternal grandparents. His dad poured soju (a Korean vodka) on the graves and we took a brief moment of silence. The graves in Korea are mounds of dirt and are usually at the edge of the family farm. John’s grandparent’s graves are at the edge of his eldest uncle’s pepper farm.

We then went to Jeonju, to visit one of John’s many cousins. Jeonju is known for the preservation of the Yi family shrine (not of relation to John), Pungnam-mun (a remaining city fortress gate), and the process of traditional Korean paper making.

I made the mistake of wearing heels and quickly regretted my decision because we walked a whole lot! Tired and having met all of John’s paternal family (and not understanding a word they said to me), we took the 3 hour bus ride back to Seoul to sleep.