18 Hours on an Airplane

We just landed in South Korea at the Incheon International Airport. It was voted #1 in the world for 2009, but I can't seem to find any of the ammenidies that were mentioned on the news (golf course, spa, hotel, ect.). The flight from North Carolina to California was horrible! I was not looking forward to spending another 13 hours on a plane to Korea, but Asiana airlines was the best! They fed us like every half hour, had reclining seats, personal TVs with movies and video games, and were the nicest flight crew that I have ever seen. You could even turn on a channel that showed you where you were and how much longer we would be in the air. I took a few pictures on the plane and will post them later. I just wanted to quickly let everyone know that I have landed in South Korea and everything has gone well so far. I even tried and liked BiBimBop ( a korean dish ) on the plane!